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Campaign update and NEW PERK ADDED! 

Thank you to all who have participated! We are 37% of the way there with 37 days left to our campaign.  You might be interested to know that we have added a new perk! If you choose the SONG FOR YOUperk for $150, I will write a new song just for you, videotape it, and share it with you and the world! We may require some personal info for this one. Also, you will receive a CD and digital download of the upcoming album "The Infinite Now and Then” once it's released as well as a heartfelt "THANK YOU!" on either…

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Rick Fink's Indiegogo Song Pileup - Days One Through Four! 

Day 1! Two things I neglected to mention... The video for Boogie was the first appearance of the greatest guitar player on the face of the earth, Oscar Suh-Rodriguez. I was still trying to figure out if he could play at this point. Of course, I was an idiot, because Oscar is brilliant. I would also be remiss if I did not mention that none of it would have come together without the tireless effort of our manager at the time, Deb Jones. Enjoy! Pre-order Rick Fink's solo debut!


Day 2 of our 7 day series…

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The Subtle and not so Subtle Art of Collaboration 

I have always viewed collaboration as the lifeblood of every creative endeavor. My world view having expanded in recent years, I have come to regard cooperative effort as an essential component of a life well lived. As a front man for a Rock & Roll band, some of my greatest moments have been spent with four other guys in a basement, all of us trying to figure how best to crush this rock of a song into a diamond. There was always lots of pushing and pulling going on, but really what made it work was…

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So, how are things? 

Greetings and salutations, 

It's me! Your old pal, Rick Fink. I've launched a new website and I'm hoping you will all stick around for my solo portion of our Gorillas' journey. I've been writing tons of songs and getting ready to go back into the studio. Our new website is the first step towards reconnecting with you guys and I hope that if you like it, you will share it and let people know that I am young (ehem), single and ready to mingle! I plan to start updating the blog on a regular basis as well.…

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