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The X-Men were re-aged, and Juggernaut remained with the team. Notify me of new comments via email. You still have your secret identity to think of. Arousing Grammar I love comics and so should you — read articles! Marvel Comics. I meant some gear, cause smashing isn't cutting it. Their conversation continued discussing logistics and potential things to shout before attacking the bad guys.

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Marvel Animated Features Thor soundtrack Thor: Part 2 Team Darryl Thor: Ragnarok soundtrack. God of Thunder Thor: Son of Asgard. Blood Brothers. Retrieved from " https: Hidden categories: Groups pop Moved from supergroup Comics navigational boxes purge. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. While she as momentarily stunned the wrecker ran towards she-hulk swinging his crowbar preparing to level a final blow to the green beauty.

She-hulk stood her ground ready to give her all in a single punch. Wrecker swung his mighty crowbar at her head, only something caught his wrist at the last minute. She hulk smiled seeing the white webbing surronding the wrecker's arm. Spider-man quickly webbed both his hands together wrapping it around a light pole for leverage he yanked hard on his web slamming wrecker's fist into his own face.

Stop hitting yourself. He latched the webbing to the light pole and leaped over the wrecker landing on the crumpled car next to she-hulk. She-hulk smiled down at him. Wrecker finally broke free of the webs with a roar. Round two starts now bug! Spidey whistling attracted she-hulk's attention.

Do you believe in miracles! Minutes and several blocks later found poor wrecker webbed tightly in a coccoon for S. Hours later jennifer walters known to the world as she-hulk rested in one of her hulk sized t-shirt while watching the news broadcast replaying the events of her fight with the wrecker.

She sipped at her coffee. Her heart fluttered when she saw spider-man swing into action. She didn't really understand why she felt this way. After all he wasn't any funnier than any other hero, quippiness seemed to be a prerequeset. She's certainly been with better built men, compared to hercules he looked frail but she knew he wasn't. Even with leverage it took a lot to hold back the onslaught of the wrecker.

A cellphone camera had caught the wrecker crashing into central park. Before the wrecker could fully recover she-hulk landed in front of the wrecker, with spider-man summersaulting in behind her. Instinctively wrecker tried to rip the webs off of his face. Taking advantage she-hulk leapt at the wrecker, she slid behind him wrapping her arms around his waist before lifting him into the air and slamming him into a boulder the size of a buick.

The rock split in two under the emmence force. Unfortunately this did not deter the wittless wrecker as he stood back up prepared for more. Jennifer wondered if she should call him. They did make a good team after all. Beauty and brains, and whatever spidey brought to the table. Miles away peter was watching the news as well, unfortunately his channel was owned by J3 so their narrative was a bit different.

Thankfully she-hulk arrived to put an end to what could have been a total disaster! As much as peter was loath to admit it jameson was right, if it had just been him and dirk the fight would have turned out very differently. She was certainly fun to be around as he recalled from previous encounters.

Suddenly his phone rang as phones tend to do. Then he realized it was she-hulk's alterego jennifer walters. Sensational I trust? As spidey expected wrecker snapped the webbing just as planned. She-hulk leapt with a mighty knee sending wrecker flying once more. The news switched to another camera phone as jenny crashed through the roof of the subway platform.

She slammed into wrecker once more, she began to punch his face in rapid seccession. Spider-man showed up just in time to see wrecker punch her off of him and onto the platform. In the next moment she-hulk ripped up a pillar and threw it at the wrecker. The wrecker smashed the pillar, unseen to him spider-man was riding on top and leapt over him as he smashed the pillar to pieces.

Spider-man shot a web to the wrecker's crowbard and quickly shot the other end to the third rail. In an instant fifty-thousand volts traveled through the webbing through the crowbar and into the wrecker's entire body. The wrecker screamed doubly for the pain and the power drain before falling unconcious. Their conversation continued discussing logistics and potential things to shout before attacking the bad guys.

A few days later our friendly neighborhood scientist was working in his lab at horizon labs attempting to design an app that would warn you when a villain was disrupting traffic flow based on his own spider sense when his prototype alerted him to an attack downtown.

Within minutes peter was suited up and swinging through the street. His app alerted him in his mask's new heads up display that rhino was attempting a getaway after robbing a jewlery store. Rhino barrelled through the rush hour traffic tossing cars to the side as he stampeeded through the street.

A speeding armored swat vehichle raced towards rhino. Rhino chuckled "You think you can stop me once I get on a roll?! As the vehicle was about to smash a police car spider-man landed on the under carriage quickly webbing it to the nearby buildings stopping it inches away from hitting the police car. You're gonna give me a complex if you dont cut it out.

She-hulk caught his charge, picked him up, and slammed him on the street knocking him out cold. Now say cheese! Jennifer busies herself doing hand stand pushups, cause honestly why wouldn't she, while the television played in the background. Rumors that wolverine was spotted in japan still persist" A blurry photo of a short man with wild hair leaping from a building appeared in the top right corner.

Psylocke reportedly stopped an armored car robbery in england. Iron man was seen flying over california, no news as to why just yet. And in a bit of local news earlier in the week spider-man haulted a jewlery heist but that's not what has the city talking.

Eyewitnesses suggest more than just crime fighting was going on between the duo. Photos of spider-man taking pictures of she-hulk appeared on screen. Kinesiologist suggest-" "the hell is that?! Jennifer paced back and forth in her apartment. Suddenly a green foot kicked the couch breaking it on her wall.

Suddenly she thought about spider-man. He was certainly fun, he kept things interesting during all the times they fought together. Some of these heroes can be so egotistical, both of the men and women could. She really respected those who could keep a level head while being adored by millions. She felt the need to call him but couldn't understand why.

She sat on the broken couch and called him up on the "spidey-phone" as he called it before she knew she had done it. Peter was busy tweaking the app when his phone sprang to life. It'll do wonders for my bounty hunting. He was so happy to be in the lab. Jennifer felt a sting in her chest "Yeah, totally ridiculous.

Like I'd want to date you. Jennifer felt a little happy she jabbed him in the same way he did her. Spider-sense has never helped him out with women before but he suddenly felt something was amiss. Bad things happen. A few days later and another fight between between whirlwind left our heroes preparing for their first date, meeting. In true superhero fashion they agreed to meet on a rooftop.

Spider-man was the first to arrive. Why was he so nervous? He knew he could trust her, he knew he'd eventually tell her because of that fact. So why was he nervous? A small shake of the rooftop let him know she had arrived. Okay, let's do this.

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The way her hair danced in the changing light, the way her smile would flash every time she saw him. Cain was susceptible to exceedingly high levels of mental and mystical attack. Cain finally accepted his role as Cyttorak's avatar to it's fullest extent and regained his full power. But in , hidden deep in Uncanny X-Men , this happened: She hulk smiled seeing the white webbing surronding the wrecker's arm. He wondered if he should remain a child, this being his chance to start over with a clean slate, but Storm comforted him and convinced him not to. He hadn't felt this way since mary jane. Although Spider-Man could not stop Juggernaut from taking Madame Web, he was able to outsmart Cain and leave him in a pool of wet cement on a construction site.

She-Hulk loves Juggernaut:

You are commenting using your Facebook account. After Kuurth's ally gained the influence of the anti mutant protesters, Marko was directly attacked by the first wave of X-Men, Cyclops, ShadowcatColossus and Iceman. Cain Marko, the stepbrother of Professor X, finds a secret temple of the mystical Cyttorak, who gives Marko his Juggernaut powers. Power Man and Iron Fist. Avengers Alliance Marvel Avengers:

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