To Love Ru Season 1 Episode 1

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Meanwhile, Rito learns about Ren and Run. The 3. Yui watches everyone prepare for Valentine's Day and struggles as she makes her chocolate for Rito. Rito dodges potential encounters with women--and all their respective parts! During their date, her dog falls into the water and is rescued by Rito.

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Saki daydreams of Zastin. Her servants, Aya and Rin, help by kidnapping Rito, who is hiding from Lala and her lunchbox. Aya and Rin demand Rito to bring Zastin to school. When Zastin arrives, Saki tries to confess to Zastin, but gets interrupted as Lala finds Rito and feeds him her lunch, causing Rito to run in panic towards Saki.

Run avenges Lala with an alien skunk that will gas Lala into a child, making her weak. However, the skunk escapes and causes more chaos at school. Run, as a child, tries to catch the skunk and nearly falls off the top of the building. Lala, also a child, rescues Run, but tosses her too high as she cannot fully control her strength yet. Yui watches everyone prepare for Valentine's Day and struggles as she makes her chocolate for Rito.

Yui finishes her giri chocolate, but is too nervous when delivering it the next day, making her randomly yell at Rito and form second thoughts about Rito's problems. Watching other girls deliver their chocolates to Rito, Yui finally gains confidence to deliver her chocolates to Rito. Part A. Rito and the others visit Saki's private beach.

Saki tries to win Lala in her Watermelon Split contest, but Rito, tossed in the air by Nana, destroys the watermelons. Momo summons an alien watermelon and Saki offends it, causing it to attack everyone. After Rito, Lala, and Ren attack the watermelon, Yami splits the watermelon into halves. Part B. Haruna receives a 98 on a math test while Rito receives an absymal He bumps into Yami, who tells him to seek Lala for help.

To Rito's surprise, Lala receives a perfect Peke explains to Rito about Lala's genius intellect. Despite Lala helping Rito study for tomorrow's exam, Rito blanks out, forgetting how to do the problems. Part C. Lala's progress with Rito continues to stall. Risa and Mio help Lala by giving her a book on seduction techniques. Lala tries many methods, but only makes Rito angrier.

Then, Lala tries the "Candlelight Trick" in which she seduces Rito with sexy clothes. Although that method failed too, Rito admit that he enjoyed having a surprise event, inspiring Lala to continue her seduction techniques. Yami tries to attack Rito, but falls unconscious.

Rito notices Yami's high fever and rushes her to the hospital with the help of Lala.

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Ebony candy caprice porn Mikado-sensei recovers Yami and tells her to thank Rito. Yami does not understand why Rito continues to act friendly towards her, noting that he's still her target. Run stars as the antagonist in the next Magical Kyoko episode.

Run tires out from acting and is angry about Kyouko, the protagonist, being a favorite. Kyouko then eats lunch with Run and tells her that she's one of her fans. When the principal attacks Run, Kyouko reveals her ability to breathe fire. Run reveals her identity and they become friends.

On the way to school, Haruna notices a dog running around her. Haruna then confesses to Rito, shocking him. When Rito tries to confess back, Haruna freaks out from dogs and Rito sees Oshizu leaving Haruna's body. Oshizu was running away from the dog Haruna saw earlier and Haruna got in the way. Hearing about Risa and Mio talk about a perfect body, Haruna thinks about her bust in relation to Lala and how she's failed to enlarge them.

She and Oshizu find Nana angry about Momo showing off her bust. Nana revenges by working together with Haruna and Oshizu to enlarge their breasts. After many attempts, Haruna tells Nana to stop and quotes Rito that the inside matters more. Haruna finds a helpless stray dog with Maron and takes him in for care.

Maron asks the dog about his origin, who turns out to be Rito stuck inside a dog's body thanks to Lala. Maron tries to teach Rito dog tricks and maneuvers such as licking Haruna, but Rito couldn't take it and ran out. Lala finds Rito and switches back bodies. Mikan wishes to change bodies with Yami to experience her abilities. Yami agrees and Lala performs the change.

With switched bodies, Mikan struggles to escape the principal. Yami, on the other hand, learn about siblings and caring from Rito, who does not know about the body swap and thinks Mikan is sick or depressed. Christmas Day is approaching. Mikan and Rito never had a big Christmas celebration since their parents are rarely home.

Mikan and Rito are having a big celebration for the first time. Lala makes Mikan's wish come true by bringing her parents home for Christmas. Momo accidentally uses a device which transports Rito into Peke's body. Lala's warm up stretches shock Rito as he feels her body.

She submitted that they do a region research display or a calligraphy display. Saruyama wishes that he was a nobleman from the Edo Castle. He then starts to daydream about being the ruler of Edo Castle. Lala's personality changes due to a fever. Rito now has to deal with Lala's constantly changing personalitues and her desire to take over the world as a deviluke princess.

Rito receives a message from the King which orders him to board the spaceship and prove he is the best in the universe. Before boarding, he confesses his feelings for Haruna. Yuki wakes up to Haruna and Lala yelling at him that he is about to miss the ship. Lala decides she can't marry unless he wants to.

There was a problem playing the next video. We're always adding new content. Check back soon for updates. FREE Trial! Log In Help Center. This Content is Only Available to Subscribers! Sign Up For a Free Trial! Log In. Add To Queue Add Favorite. To Love Ru Season 1 26 Episodes. E2 A Broken Engagement?! E3 Love Triangle Lala is the new transfer student at Rito's school and even though he implores her to keep a low profile, her antics are making her rather popular.

E6 The Alien Assassin Lala wants to learn more about Rito, but she may have gotten the wrong idea in science class during dissections. E9 From A Shining Star, With Love Another suitor blasts his way into the picture, this time quite literally, wearing an armored rocket suit, trying desperately to snatch Lala.

Yami finally begins telling Rito about her past and explains how she came to be. That Lala and her inventions. One of her crazy contraptions ends up getting Rito and Yami stuck to each other by their hands. Rito begins to get closer with Momo, which makes Mikan feel uncomfortable and misplaced. After Rin helps her during a near collapse while walking home, Mikan can no longer hold her tongue and begins to vent.

Rito is confused by his sudden feelings for Lala. True to fashion, things get awkward quickly. Momo and Mea also discover the true and endearing nature of Lala. Momo teaches Rito about the secrets of the female body and seeks to move Project Harem forward.

Meanwhile, Rito learns about Ren and Run. Rito dodges potential encounters with women, but he soon gets a firsthand look at the female anatomy, and not in the good way. The vindictive Azenda the Tyrant comes to Earth to provoke Yami into fighting again. Later, Haruna and Rito have yet another awkward encounter, and Mikan and Yami grow closer, so close that Yami compromises her old assassin beliefs.

Momo is intent on making Project Harem a reality, and she almost succeeds. Meanwhile, Mea begins to shake things up and prepares to welcome a dark force. Rito learns that Yami still wants to kill him, and now she's an overnight guest in his house. However, it's not all rage and resentment.

Momo continually tries to seduce Rito. Rito is having a hard time adjusting when Lala's sisters move in. Momo's attempted seductions leave Rito frazzled, and then there's still the pressure of his unannounced love for Haruna. Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows - Start Now. Created with Sketch. Keep track of your favorite shows and movies, across all your devices.

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Popular Shows 1. Keep track of your favorite shows and movies, across all your devices. Another suitor blasts his way into the picture, this time quite literally, wearing an armored rocket suit, trying desperately to snatch Lala. Rito, Haruna, and Lala are moving up in the universe, when an alien prince visits and they each become Ambassadors of Peace from the Earth. Rito is attacked by a strange, golden haired girl on the street. Kevin Costner 5. Sub Each Speculation Full Episode.


Rito sacrifices himself to rescue Lala and Haruna. She finds Oshizu on her break from Mikado-sensei's clinic work and asks for help. Bella Thorne 7. They use a teleportation device… Read More Lala and Rito are late for school, and Lala takes the opportunity to confess her feelings for him.

Realizing that Yami will not attack Rito, they began to mess with the other girls. Season 1, Episode 2. If u could only read one magazine which would u choose? It is your responsibility to ensure that you comply with all your regional legalities and personal access rights regarding any streams to be found on the web.

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