Shh Soft And Wet

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Josuke has also enveloped himself and allies with giant bubbles to take advantage of their situational protection. Retrieved from " https: The bubbles are actually comprised of tiny cords vibrating at super-high speeds, giving them the appearance of spheres. After his fusion with Kira, Josuke's bubbles now bear a five-pointed star, similar to Kira's bubbles, and appear to be a sort of fusion between two bubbles of different sizes. When my soap bubble touches something and breaks, I take something from there. However, Josuke can control where the bubbles can fly, allowing him to send them where they are needed. It's ability is to remove any aspect of anything it's bubble touches.

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Josefumi's bubbles were initially featureless. Start a Wiki. Its face has a thick gap running from the top of the forehead past the bottom of the chin. Morioh Town: JJL Chapter 1: Early in the story, he would often use one bubble, but later on, is shown conjuring dozens upon dozens with a quick flurry of strikes. Said properties seem to also be smaller objects that come from a bigger object.

Shhh, soft and wet (JJBA):

  • Its feet and hands are covered with plating, as are the sides of its hips and shoulders, both of which are shaped like sharp hearts and bear a five-pointed star.
  • It's ability is to remove any aspect of anything it's bubble touches.
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  • The aspect of absorption also allows Josefumi to fuse two similar objects together by absorbing and releasing differing components of their structure.
  • The design was created to match up with Josuke's outfit, rather than its ability.
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  • An internal structure is visible at its profile, showing blocks approximating human centers of mass.
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