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Emily Morse. Consent Trend. Unlike some of our other favorite adult stars, she seems like a bit more of a homebody. Ahhh, Kim Kardashian. The result? Thinking about the amount of sex that never got to happen due to a lack of condoms , can make anyone sad on the inside. The past few years have seen the rise of the porn aggregator model with ad revenue for sites where content is uploaded by users quickly outpacing subscription sites owned by the porn production companies.

Porn For The Visually Impaired

Berlin — which recently banned AirBnB — is a gritty, rough-around-the-edges city where alternative-minded people the world over come to play. Famed for its techno clubs and creative scenes, Berlin is a place where you can let your most hedonistic instincts run wild. Clubs like Berghain and KitKat are anything-goes zones, and twosomes, threesomes and moresomes of all genders will often be seen getting it on right there on the dance floor.

This is definitely a city to leave your inhibitions and puritanism at the door, but everyone is welcome: Check out more details on the official Berlin tourism website. Ahhh, handjobs. Being a porn performer is a tricky gig. On the surface, it might seem fun — get paid to have sex — but not everyone is cut out for the reality of having their sex lives publicized and stored forever online.

Many young porn stars end up turning to drugs or are taken advantage of by industry insiders. GF is dedicated to building a community of performers who support and care about each other, offering up a brave and exciting new voice in pornography. Check out more details on the official Girlfriends Films website. Spontaneous Lesbian Porn.

Masturbation is usually considered to be a pretty selfish activity. But what if you could be making the world a better place while you masturbated? Start donating at the official I Just Came website. Follow Emily Ratajkowski on Twitter. Essentially sex parties masked as dance parties, circuit parties are typically organized in secret, for a select crowd, and are fun as hell.

Circuit parties are ideal for getting it on because everyone is usually sweaty, dancing, and pressed up against each other for hours on end — a recipe for love. The presenters are warm and witty, and they leave no stone unturned in their quest to dissect and discuss every possible sex-related trend known to man.

Check out the Sex Lives podcast. OK, cards on the table — 69ing has been a popular sex act for years. Possibly since the supposed date of its invention, the year Hell, even Bryan Adams has admitted his song "Summer of 69" is about the infamous reciprocal oral two-way street.

But in , the concept of 69 seems to have been divorced from the actual sweaty mess it represents and simply become a symbol for ironic teenage lust — as when Twitter collectively responds with a "Nice" whenever the infamous number comes up. Looks like we'll all be joking about sex online for the foreseeable future.

At a time when nothing on TV is shocking anymore, Masters of Sex has somehow managed to raise the bar. Telling the story of Dr. The focus on previously taboo topics paired with some really killer sex scenes has set the series apart from others. The first season received major critical acclaim and the ensuing three have been just as loved by critics and fans.

Watch Masters of Sex online. Check out Masters of Sex on Showtime's website. The Weeknd is a bit of a paradox. The fact that the Internet completely freaked out over his recent haircut shows how truly popular he is.

Showing media posts for sonic love potion disaster xxx

Black bbw mom fucked Which, in turn, tells us something about our society. If you're ever looking for a wild ride, consider spinning his music during a lovemaking session — it's bound to amp things up.

Get The Weeknd's new album. Follow The Weeknd on Twitter. The Museum of Sex aka MoSEX presents a hot take on the topic by portraying it as something that can always be explored and dissected without embarrassment. Its ever-changing exhibitions often feature a look back at the history of pornography and include information about everything from the sex lives of animals to how sex is used in design.

Check out more details on the official Museum of Sex website. Recently, there's been a lot of spotlight cast on transgender issues. So it's about time that a sex toy was created that wasn't explicitly made for the male or female body. Meet The Transformer: The world's first gender-neutral sex toy. In essence, The Transformer is a double-ended dildo.

But where the magic really happens is in the connecting body of the toy, which is made out of a flexible skeleton you can bend into any shape that's most pleasing to you — the options for how you pleasure yourself are only as limited as your imagination. Use it to stimulate your prostate, bend it into a vibrating cock ring, or even use it as a butt plug.

Kind of like Legos, but for the bedroom. Check out more details on the official PicoBong website. Apps that you likely use often — like Tinder, Hinge, Bumble and many more — see less activity in swiping and dating when folks are out-and-about and, well, living their lives offline. Picture the scene: You meet your date at the bar, down a couple drinks together, and then head back to your place.

You both know where things are headed: Did things go terribly? Or are half-night stands just the new normal? The Rise of the Half-Night Stand. Half-Night Stands. But Ela Darling is a bit of a different case. Different options for male birth control have been stalled at various stages of development for years — no, decades — now.

The actual development and sale of a male birth control pill in the near future would seriously level the playing field and be a step in the right direction — although a recent male birth control injection trial was halted due to the adverse effects the participants were experiencing.

What happened to the male contraceptive pill? It also is a reminder of the queer community before Grindr and Craigslist, when you had to cruise for sex in person by blowing someone in one of the three porn theaters that are currently open to the public. Open until 2 A. It was, and still is, one of the best places to arrange a casual encounter. Check out more details on the official Studs Theater website.

Some are mildly pleasant little moments and some are mountain-moving, earth-shaking explosions of bliss. Edging is a sex technique that you can and should start using in bed, predicated on building your partner up toward orgasm and then stopping right before the moment of climax, then restarting.

In a good way. While people love Game of Thrones for its addicting storylines and super-hot characters try the Game of Boobs quiz , it might also produce a baby boom. Once an underground phenomenon oftentimes literally , sex parties have now reemerged into the mainstream to slight fanfare and a bit of puzzlement. You can now easily find almost any flavor of experience you desire — from BDSM-inflected to Killing Kittens, an elite house party in the Hamptons — but although sex parties have long been a widely accepted part of LGBT culture, public or semi-public sex has been met with mixed reactions from straight couples.

Maybe it's time for things to finally change on that front. Check out more details on the official Killing Kittens website. Cars, clothes, hoverboards — you name it. And now, relationships are on that list, too. The first season was a success and shone a spotlight on the often under-discussed emotional labor of sex work.

It also seriously pushed boundaries about the types of sex scenes seen on TV. Check out The Girlfriend Experience on Starz's website. How many women can say they've made a business out of sleeping with younger men? Wait, don't answer that. Gallop's habit of sleeping with younger men led her to notice a trend: Her younger partners all tried to have sex with her like they were in some porn video.

And Cindy, like most women, wasn't into it. So she decided to create a crowdsourced space to showcase some "real world" sex of her own, in hopes of counteracting the effects that the easy access to exaggerated mainstream porn has had on educating young men about sex — much to the relief of women everywhere who don't like to treated as a pornstar.

Follow Cindy Gallop on Twitter. They were function first; and not much attention ever seemed to get paid to the visual. With everyone from Chanel to Lady Gaga rolling out their own lines of designer condoms, the message seems very clear: Big Condom is now interested in the concept of the condom-as-billboard. Choosing the right condom has never been easier or harder.

Ahhh, hotel sex. An opportunity to get freaky in another city, without worrying about the sheets or the neighbors hearing. Yep, the One Night Standard app lets you book rooms minutes before your stay, and Recharge lets you book hotels by the minute or hour. Download Recharge for iOS now. If you ever struggle with maintaining an erection or getting into the mood, there are a number of tools and medicines available to you.

Products like Fiera — a personal arousal device that gets a woman warmed up for intercourse by using suction and vibration to stimulate her clitoris — are breaking down boundaries. This will make it easier for women to not only talk about their issues but solve them, both with masturbation and with you. Check out more details on the official Fiera website.

A public masturbation booth where guys can pop in to de-stress by enjoying a little solo time? In the heart of downtown NYC? OK, moment of truth. Rather, it was a brilliant marketing stunt cooked up by Hot Octopuss, a sex toy manufacturer. An understanding that desire is something everybody experiences and that, in and of itself, desire is healthy and not bad or sinful.

Will future cities work concepts like this into their architecture for real? Get Hot Octopuss' Dual Pulse now. Check out the GuyFi press release from Hot Octopuss. Finally, gay men were portrayed living their lives just like straight television characters always have, and even though it may have felt trite, that kind of familiarity is important when it comes to normalizing gay couples and things like, say, cruising for sex in public parks.

Plus, you know, straight guys could really stand to learn a thing or two from gay men. Watch Looking online. Check out Looking on HBO's website. Just one question: Have you been wondering why every other college freshman is suddenly sporting a ring gag collar? One of the keys to BDSM has always been the accessories and purists might sniff at otherwise vanilla folks embracing things like ball gags and collars, but why not see it as an embracing of kink by a historically chilly public?

Charlotte Shane is an author and essayist who writes most convincingly on the topic of sex. Her witty, pulls-no-punches approach is second to none, and she produces well-researched pieces with input from other women as interesting as she is. Get Charlotte Shane's book. Check out more details on Charlotte Shane's official website.

Can You Buy Sex Ethically? A visit to the sex shop is always a good time. But with so many toys on the market and new ones popping up all the time it can be tough to keep up with the trends, or know which new toy is going to be the best addition to your sex life based on your particular needs.

Babeland's sex classes aim to solve that problem, educating shoppers on the vast world of sex toys through a series workshops tailored to different sex toy genres and their particular use cases. Classes are held intermittently at each of Babeland's store locations.

To stay up to date on upcoming class offerings, sign up for their newsletter. Check out more details on the official Babeland website. International non-profit campaign Project Consent is trying to re-start the conversation about it, especially on college campuses, via cartoons.

Their reasoning? They do so via short, personality-filled YouTube videos of dancing body parts that hope to offer the important lessons that all too many messaging campaigns in the past have failed to deliver when it comes to sex and touching. Check out more details on the official Project Consent website. No disrespect, but it's not very often that you can point to a porn director and say, "Wow, that's a visionary.

The veteran XXX director has been turning the adult industry completely on its head as of late with home run after home run. Braun is the King of Porn Parodies. By tapping into a truth that sleazy, low-budget producers have known for years i. Superman XXX.

Follow Axel Braun on Twitter. Frankenstein thanks to the way his mind works. With the creation of the Autoblow 2 wait — what happened to the Autoblow 1? Sloan has essentially invented a blowjob machine. A contest that should be, erm, really fun to judge. Check out more details on the official Autoblow 2 website.

Explore the latest sex products on the market without having to step foot inside a store or comb through online inventory. Thanks to Polly Rodriguez, founder of Unbound, you can have a curated box of the latest and greatest in sex toys delivered to your door in a discreet little box. Unbound started as a part-time hobby between friends, who wanted to deliver the goods to shoppers who were too shy to go into the store and make the purchase themselves.

Polly saw an opportunity to blow the idea out, and built Unbound into the subscription-based model and online store it is today. From vajazzling crystals to new lube creations and beyond, signing up for Unbound means there's always something new for you and your lady to try in the bedroom. Check out more details on the official Unbound website. He was the mastermind behind the It Gets Better movement in , which set out to help prevent suicide among LGBTQ youth, and he regularly confronts sex-negative and homophobic politicians and policies, encouraging citizens to stand up for their rights and not let the government dictate what they can do with their bodies.

As the Beastie Boys famously said, you gotta fight for your right to party and have one-night stands and Dan Savage has certainly taken that to heart. Follow Dan Savage on Twitter. Dan Savage Says Think Again. Using a sex toy during intercourse is kind of like having shower sex: One of you is left out in the cold while the other one hogs all the hot water or reaps all the benefits of those good vibrations.

The Eva Couples vibrator solves that conundrum by providing pleasure to both parties. It slips right under your lady's labia, and features a U shape that hugs your penis while it vibrates. This means you both get to feel the benefits. And for bonus points: It even stays in place when you switch positions, making it easy to wear from start to finish. Get the Eva Couples Vibrator now.

Check out more details on the official Dame Products website. Like chocolate and strawberries, weed and sex are two great things that go really, really well together. This includes none other than Foria , the maker of the famous or infamous weed lube that got writer Mira Gonzalez hella stoned. Check out more details on the official Foria website. Thinking about the amount of sex that never got to happen due to a lack of condoms , can make anyone sad on the inside.

But really, it's There's got to be a better way to stock up on condoms than a late night run to the corner store total mood killer , am I right? Enter, the Trojan Dash Button. You may have heard about Amazon's invention of the "dash" button, which reorders your product of choice with just the press of a button. Well, what could be more important to constantly keep in stock of than a box of Trojans?

Just press the button, and a fresh box will be on it's way to you. No logging in and no awkward eye contact with the drugstore cashier. In a time when comedians have to go big — like, real big — before they go home, Nikki Glaser is one of the finest and is going as big as she possibly can. Glaser and her panel of comedians are regularly doing what must be done by broaching taboo topics in sex and presenting them in a digestible way.

Watch Not Safe with Nikki Glaser online. Follow Nikki Glaser on Twitter. An island where cheating is not only allowed but encouraged. Called Illicit Retreat, this travel service gives members of Illicit Encounters the chance to go on a trip with their side-thang without being caught. Diet and sex have always been interconnected: An active sex life is the key to living a long life, as is diet and exercise — but it goes beyond that.

Also, a stimulant like coffee may also stimulate you sexually, and chocolate contains phenylethylamine, which releases the same feel-good feeling as actually having sex. As for being aphrodisiacs, no proof about those working as such but if they put you in the mood, go for it.

Of course, whether low levels of desire are something that should even be fixed by a pill and not, say, by a sex partner putting in more of an effort to spice things up is a trickier question to answer. PrEP is made up of two HIV medications, tenofovir and emtricitabine, and can be taken daily to drastically lower the chance of infection.

Check out more details on the official Center for Disease Control website. It's a common misconception that the only roles women play in the porn industry are the ones in front of the camera, but you'd probably be surprised to hear that some of the films that are bringing home accolades at the Adult Video Awards AVNs have female directors behind them.

YouPorn took that insight and ran with it, and created a video series that shines the spotlight on the women behind the camera who are responsible for what may very well be some of your favorite dirty flicks. Here's to empowering the next generation of young female pornography directors out there.

Watch a safe-for-work trailer for the YouPorn Female Director series here. Amy Schumer is the gold standard for how strong women talk about sex. She has no filter and provides her unabashed views on everything from sexuality to pornography, prostitution and gun control with a heaping dose of comedy. Schumer is constantly redefining the way the world sees sex with her television show, Inside Amy Schumer, and various projects, including her recent book, The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo.

Schumer also recently opened up to Vanity Fair about her own experiences with sexual assault and rape, giving her material a point of reference for those suffering in silence. Get Amy Schumer's book. Imagine there was a website that could take you from sexual zero to sensual hero. From fumbling virgin to confident stud. That's the promise behind a lot of phony sex advice and penis-enlargement schemes, but it's also the reality of OMGYES , a brave new website that takes a scientific, methodical approach to turning you into a better lover.

Based on research data taken from thousands of women, the site breaks down different techniques and knowledge areas into straightforward, easy-to-follow advice, featuring videos, visuals and text. Its revolutionary hexagonal structure means it can marry both extreme thinness and much-needed durability.

With discomfort, slippage and breakage being the biggest reasons people mis-use condoms, this is a big step forward. So yes, your night can be extra fun while still staying safe. Check out more details on the official Lelo website. There's seemingly nothing that can't be shown through the lens of reality TV, so it shouldn't be surprising that someone finally made a reality show about porn.

Hosted by a slew of famous porn stars, like Asa Akira, The Sex Factor followed aspiring porn stars as they attempted to stake a claim to fame with nothing more than their bodies. The result? Get Asa Akira's book now. Check out The Sex Factor 's website. You can customize pretty much everything at this point.

Now, you can penetrate a vagina or asshole molded from the genitalia of your favorite adult film star. What a time to be alive. Get a custom Fleshlight now. Check out more details at the official Fleshlight website. As with many things related to sex, the IUD intrauterine device is a double-edged sword. The contraceptive device, which a woman puts inside her uterus to prevent pregnancy, is a godsend for many couples.

Available in hormone-free copper versions, the increasingly popular IUD means no condoms, no pills and no worries. You put it in once and you're set It's so good at preventing pregnancy that the condom industry tried to cast doubt on the miracle device for years, fearing it would eat into their bottom line.

The drawback? Teens are now adopting the method and pushing condoms, and safe sex concerns, to the side. Contraceptive Comeback: Looking to go on your craziest-ever vacation this summer? Ditch those plans to head to Mexico or Hawaii. Hedonism II, a clothing-optional resort in Jamaica, is where you want to go.

Check out more details on the official Hedonism website. You might already suffer from a full-blown Snapchat addiction — especially with all of those filters and faces you can now use — but if not, you might want to seriously consider it. Forget plain old texting — using social media to send sexy shots is the future of sexting. Download Snapchat now for iOS or Android.

By acting, directing, editing and heading her very own company, BurningAngel. Even more impressive? Angel also has her own line of Fleshlights, briefly wrote a column for SPIN and even contributed her words of wisdom to a book titled Naked Ambition: Joanna Angel makes sex a loud topic and she should be thanked for that. Follow Joanna Angel on Twitter.

Millennials are doing this. Millennials are ruining that. Millennials have changed the way the economy functions. Whatever happens, Generation Xers need to get their act together and decide whether millennials have too much sex or not enough. Millennials are having less sex than any generation in 60 years. Because sometimes it is OK to admit that one person may not completely fulfill your sexual desires.

Group sex has been something of a taboo in the past, and many believed only deviants and sex freaks enjoyed getting it on with more than one person at once. Every few years, the media seems to start a moral panic by suggesting that teens are having giant sex parties on the sly, but with sexual mores loosening and open relationships proliferating, maybe we can all take a minute to realize how thrilling and freeing it is to experiment sexually with more than one person at once.

Inside the alarming trend for risky, drug-fuelled group sex. Ahhh, Kim Kardashian. The ultra-celeb is never far from the headlines, but what exactly is it about her that makes her so damn fascinating? Perhaps it's that she does what our parents always told us to do as children: There seems to be nothing that Kim K will hold back and it makes sense, seeing as she started her trajectory to the top with the whole world watching something she never thought she'd have to share.

Over the years, Kim's come to live and thrive in front of the camera and under the spotlight, and prove that the whole world knowing about your sex life can be an asset, rather than a liability. Get Kim Kardashian West's book. Follow Kim Kardashian West on Twitter. The former New York congressman had been making headlines for years now for the deeply unfortunate connection between his last name and the part of his body he loves to send pictures of to people on Twitter, but in , when another wave of sexting scandals prompted Weiner to quit Twitter and his wife to leave him, Anthony Weiner has been a staunch reminder that sending pictures of your dick to someone you don't know very well is a dicey proposition.

That being said, we can all thank Weiner for helping our society have a frank conversation about dick pics. Key Moments in the Downfall of Anthony Weiner. Chances are you knew very little about the transgender community before seeing Laverne Cox on Orange Is the New Black. With her incredible ability to keep calm while answering ruthlessly dumb questions, Cox has quickly become the spokesperson trans people have needed to help bring the ignorant public up to speed.

By taking her fame and beauty and using it for good, Cox has proven herself to be a true trailblazer helping in the fight for human rights. Cox rocks, people. As time has gone on, vibrators have become way more portable and compact — this one is large and involves a plug-in power source — but the Magic Wand still remains the Cadillac of vibrators. Get the Magic Wand Rechargeable now.

Check out more details on the official Magic Wand website. When it comes to the freethenipple movement, it's important to note that the core of this campaign is about gender equality. The women behind the freethenipple movement just want the same rights granted to them as men have — just the simple right of taking your shirt off in public. Keep fighting the good fight, ladies.

Most of the time, culture relies on men taking charge when it comes to dating. Apart from concepts like the Sadie Hawkins dance, in which women initiate the dance, and Irish women asking men to marry them on Leap Day, the onus is typically put on guys to start the conversation. Since the girl is also super funny, she always manages to put a great little twist on her references, making us double down in our appreciation of her fandom.

After a long day of playing and watching sports, Mia just seems like the girl who could relax with some Marvel themed Netflix and Chill. After Timeflies released a song in tribute to her entitled Mia Khalifa , like a world-class champion released a video of her twerking to the video. Wearing some sexy Calvin Klein underwear she put on an amazing show that she uploaded to Youtube which features her twerking to the song.

Even removed from the meta-textual awesomeness of watching someone dance to a song about themselves, Mia shows off her assets and personality which have helped made her a top spot among adult performers in the world. One of the things we love most about Mia is how accessible she is through social media. Her Twitter account is full of some a-class meme work, and some very funny videos.

She has a perfect smile and knowing that she can make us laugh is an amazing bonus. One of the things we love most about a woman, is when she can stand her ground. Not only does she not back down, she has stood up to her accusers, suggesting they are doing far more damage to the image of Muslims and Arabs than she ever will.

Mia was a university student when she started her day job in adult entertainment. Her interviews read as anything but a dumb girl getting by on her looks, as she is not only clever and funny, but lays down some serious facts. While right now her adult career is her bread and butter, she clearly has a long term plan with her education and business ventures.

Also, she has taken advantage of her popularity by working a lot less than many of her contemporaries, while also breaking into the mainstream. She really is the full package! There are many reasons to love Mia Khalifa, but her devotion to sports takes the cake for us. Mia Khalifa is a huge fan of football, hockey and lacrosse. She is the unofficial mascot for her local university team, the Florida State Seminoles and religiously follows most major sporting events.

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Products like Fiera — a personal arousal device that gets a woman warmed up for intercourse by using suction and vibration to stimulate her clitoris — are breaking down boundaries. Plenty of food for thought. At a time when nothing on TV is shocking anymore, Masters of Sex has somehow managed to raise the bar. Being a porn performer is a tricky gig. Watch Masters of Sex online. Project Consent Creation.

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  4. The focus on previously taboo topics paired with some really killer sex scenes has set the series apart from others.
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  7. Apart from concepts like the Sadie Hawkins dance, in which women initiate the dance, and Irish women asking men to marry them on Leap Day, the onus is typically put on guys to start the conversation.
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