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Naughty Office julia-ann Looking around she spotted herself in the mirror. No suspect info or vehicle description as yet. Add Media. Karlo Karrera.

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My point is, before long even the back roads won't be safe for us. Sooner we find alternate transportation the better. Now let's get this brainless cunt in the van before someone else happens by. He dangled a bundle of braided hemp rope before Kerrie's dismayed eyes. You'll be able to suck the chrome off a trailer hitch before I'm done with you. Overwhelmed by the crushing hopelessness of her plight, she offered no more than token resistance as Stack and Jessup bundled her inside the van and slammed the door shut.

It's very gratifying to be productive again. Daniel of created this awesome artwork for me in a matter of hours. Load All Images. Prev Next. Add a Comment: I was down to one unreliable laptop--for the record, it was a Dell Inspiron--and it finally crashed on me for good in late January. I saved my nickels and dimes and purchased a new Hewlett Packard the week before last.

In the interim I've been collaborating with the incomparable Daniel of: Policewomen in Peril Casebook 1: Jade Lockett "Gotta give you credit, Detective Lockett" drawled Cletus Shaver from the prow of the palatial motor yacht. Don't bother struggling, I got your sweet ass roped up good and tight. Here's a fun fact 'bout the manila rope I used, it shrinks when first immersed in water, meaning you got zero chance of undoing those knots and freeing yourself from that anchor you're tied to.

So long, Jade, be sure and give my regards to the sharks on your way to the bottom! Next up, Detective Dana Brand! Mondays on ABC Lockett goes on the run when her old nemesis, mob boss Rocco Vendetta, puts out a contract on her. She takes refuge at Rainsford's estate in the Hamptons, only to be abducted from poolside by Vendetta's minions.

Now Rainsford must use all his deductive skills to find and rescue Lockett before the sadistic death trap prepared by Vendetta claims her life! Tonight, only on ABC! A shabby way to treat a lovely and gifted actress, to say nothing of the kick-ass yet very feminine character she portrayed for eight years.

Guess we'll never get to see Beckett in truly convincing bondage peril, as opposed to the lame-ass bondage peril she was. Jim Gordon: Somewhere I have a stash of Detective comics from , a six-issue run scripted by Steve Englehart with pencils by the gifted Marshall Rogers and inks by Terry Austin. A terrific story arc a term that may not have existed back then encompassing everyone from Hugo Strange and Penguin to Boss Rupert Thorne, ending in a confrontation between the Dark Knight and Joker.

There was a deeply affecting subplot involving the beautiful Silver St. In the end she left Bruce because she could not live with the certainty that one night his luck would run out. I did leaf through Alan Moore's The Killing Joke at my local comic book emporium but quickly put it back on the shelf. All I n. Greg Stallard and Jillian Kensett: It was destined to become a classic of film noir--until Moss refused to renounce his left-leaning friends during the Red Scare and was run out of the Industry.

His script never goes before the cameras. He transforms himself into mob boss Damiano Briganti, ruling his. Back then I was a little uncertain of myself, a little shy about approaching more established Deviants with my early work.

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Presents busty hentai babe tittyfucked Even then, however, I recognized DA as a safe outlet for the darker side of my personality I'm convinced we all have one even if we don't care to admit it as well as a place to write out and share the lurid bondage fantasies I'd had since adolescence, fantasies I'd always considered unhealthy if not downright perverted.

It's a secret I've guarded so zealously that to this day, no one in my inner circle--family, close friends, co-workers--so much as suspects I belong to DA let alone writes Damsel in Distress stories here. My double life. With the passage of time I came to realize that a I was by no means alone in my fixation on lovely young women stripped semi-naked as a prelude to being gagged and tightly bound, and b my sto.

Perils of Jade Lockett: Jade Waylaid. Blue Avenues: An Urban Fantasy He already has a sequel entitled Blue Avenues in the works. Unfortunately Moss is blacklisted, run out of Hollywood for refusing to denounce Dalton Trumbo and other left-leaning friends. Neither screenplay ever goes before the cameras.

Gregory Stallard, homicide detective and grandson of Barton Moss, is designated the new investigative lead in the year-old disappearance of Caryn Brand. He and his wife, Police Officer Jillian Kensett, are ordered to escort assistant DA Kendra Coburn to a remote island off Wisconsin's Door Peninsula to interrogate Caryn's husband Damon, who now wishes to "amend" his previous account of what actually happened the night she vanished.

Upon arrival, the trio find themselves trapped in a. View Gallery. Featured in Collections cops and spies by eckman21 Snooping by Starlight Cheryl Sterling kept her gun ready as she crept along the shadows. Though she was always alert during an active investigation, there was something odd about this particular night - the too-bright stars seemed to be watching her, and the moon was nowhere to be seen.

The redheaded detective felt strangely naked under the ominous sky. Her familiar black vest, white blouse, and black skirt had been supplemented with a dark overcoat, but the air needled her skin still. Perhaps it was the location - an unpleasant one, even in the best of times. The industrial park had been abandoned years ago, and few souls ever ventured into the maze of disused warehouses and ruined factories.

The outskirts of Caligano City held many secrets, and Cheryl had no doubt that the disused district was full to the brim. A quick examination of any of the towering brickwork buildings would unearth countless clues for a dozen criminal enterprises, both recent and long forgotten.

Her latest tip certainly implied somet. As she debated about to just get something to eat or something to wash her worries away, she couldn't help but hear some men whisper behind her. Acting casually she lean back and began to overhear their talking. Kathy was a long time snoop, ever since a young age she had been snooping and busting the bad guys with some minor danger along the way.

She didn't think she hear anything of interest but her eyes soon widen as the men began to talk about illegal smuggling. It wasn't long till the guys got up and left, Kathy remaining calm and not caring till they left. Once they did leave, she began to get up to leave only to remember her sister's words about not being a snooper again though Kathy couldn't help herself and followed out after them taking care.

Hi-Jakked The Harley Davidson Sportster roared as it tore down the Detroit street, its rider not giving a damn about civil noise ordinances or speed restrictions. The city officials and the cops could all kiss her bad ass as far as she was concerned, if they could ever catch her.

Part of the rider wished they'd try, as it had been a while since she had torn it up with a good ruckus, but she was currently on the job, and her partner in crime would not be pleased if she was late to the party. Jakki Kahalle grinned as she gunned the throttle of her Harley, enjoying the speed and power of the horsepower machine between revving between her legs.

A natural-born scrapper, Jakki sported a lean, muscular build, tanned skin and sharp hazel eyes. Her short dark hair was closely cropped on the back and sides in a rather stylish undercut, and both of her arching eyebrows were bisected by a slash through their centre. She was dressed for both the road and business in a custom-fitted leather sports jack.

I gazed on Taki as she stood with her back to the wall. Her glasses had slipped down slightly on her nose, and I watched her tilt her head back a little to try and drop them back into place. I could see a slight blush rise in her cheeks as she was helpless to correct even so small a thing, her hands bound tightly behind her. Her blush deepened as I stepped in close, then reached up to press a fingertip against the center of the frames, pushing them back up her nose.

Dressing Room Danger "Ooh! This is cute! She walked over and unhooked the hanger, holding her find up. She smiled, draping the dress over one arm. It was a Saturday afternoon and the mall was bustling with people shopping, like Claudia. The 28 year old chemistry teacher had decided to take a break from grading papers and kill a weekend afternoon clothes shopping.

The young woman continued browsing through the racks of clothes, until she had found three or four outfits she liked. Carrying them over one arm, Claudia headed to the changing rooms to try them on. In the changing rooms, she found an empty room and went in, shutting and locking the door behind her. Setting the clothes and her purse down, Claudia quickly stripped off her jeans, jacket and blouse.

Grabbing one of the dresses, the young woman took it off the hanger and slipped it on, turning to look at herself in the full length mirror. Claudia struck a pose, seeing. Promoted trade The sounds of boots was often all that could be heard inside the SuperMax wing of Alysa prison, you never heard the prisoners begging for freedom, or crying out in pain like you did in most maximum security prisons.

Alysa was different, if the prisoners where allowed to speak they were often silent and knew their place ready to simply serve their time until the day they could feel the sun again. Those who were still rowdy, untamed, and trouble causing were often strapped down, or in some cases up, and tightly silenced with all manner of devices.

Most often being tape and leather. However, there was a buzz in Alysa prison today in the Maximum Security Wing. Nalen Abayo Kara had called her guard to come test something, a new form of containment. When Alysa prison was constructed it was. Going Away by BoomerWillLive Hospital Trauma As Coleen Wicks walked into the clinic on that summer's day, she had no idea she was destined to play an important part in a story that would never ever be fully told.

But then, that's always the lot of the background player - the role they play is never really understood, never really appreciated. The plain truth is, as I saw her come into the reception area and walk towards the changing rooms, it was her height and build that told me she was perfect for my need. I put down the way out of date magazine back on the seat and followed her, making sure I wasn't seen as she walked through a plain white door.

I had identified it at previous visits as the Nurse's changing room - the perfect place to make my preparations for that day. I looked from side to side and slipped in, making sure I did not make a sound. There was Coleen, standing in front of her locker, hanging her red leather jacket up inside as she took out a starched white nurses' dress. Dressing Room Danger part 2 "Mmmmmppphhhh.

Gradually, the young woman regained control of her senses as the knock out drugs worked themselves out of her system. She was lying on the floor of a moving vehicle. Her hands and feet were still tightly bound with rope. Claudia winced. Her limbs had fallen asleep while she'd out.

She wasn't alone. The young woman could feel another girl pressed against her side. One of the other women who'd been kidnapped from the mall, she guessed. Claudia could hear the faint inhale and exhale of multiple people nearby, over the muffled sounds of the highway outside, as the van bounced down the road at high speed.

Claudia whimpered softly in fear. Where were they being taken? The young woman had no idea how long she'd been out. It could have been hours. By now, they could have been taken out of the city, across the state! There was no way of knowing. With every minute they spend travelling along the highway, the captives were.

Working Late story Gigi leaned back into her chair as she tried to finish the last of her work. The nineteen year old Puerto Rican teen was fresh out of high school and was trying to save up money to continue her education in college. To help in this she had taken a job as a clerk at a local bank. It was a small one but still had a security guard.

However Gigi had told him that he could go home as she locked up for the night. She walked out of her office and saw flowers left on the table. Must have been from Andrew, the security guard she had told could go home. It was clear that he liked her but he was closer to thirty than twenty. Still he was a smart kind-hearted person and she was always happy to speak with him.

She walked to the bathroom to make sure it was empty before locking up. Looking around she spotted herself in the mirror. She wore a w. View More. More from DeviantArt Tell Me A Story Back in the early Fifties — before the grandparents of most of you were born — there was a week when my grandfather had to deal with a series of incidents in this town.

Individually, they were small scale — it was only a few months later that they discovered the significance of everything that happened. But, as they say, hindsight is a great teacher — which is why I am here to tell you about it, and see if you can spot what failed everyone then. Roxy Rox. My Dad's Hot Girlfriend teal-conrad My Sister's Hot Friend carter-cruise Amy Anderssen.

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I only now realise that the all over joint pains I have been having recently any never had before must be due to the Lamictal. Her pussy pulses and grinds against the wand, her powerless to resist. The outskirts of Caligano City held many secrets, and Cheryl had no doubt that the disused district was full to the brim. Alura Jenson.

Full Cast & Crew:

  • He told us to cut it by mg every 3 days; we started with the odd 50mg and have since been following that schedule, which will have her down to mg next week in time for the ECT.
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  • My questions is does it work for anxiety or is this not the right drug or is Bipolar II the new diagnosis of the year?
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  • Her breath hitched in her throat as she waited for him to ask if she was free for dinner some night.

To Lynn… You might want to check out this website… there is a lot of information about antidepressants and pregnancy:. Does anyone have any comments? I have been unable to focus or think for a year now. Anyone else on this weird combination?

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