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Then, you will come to a destroyed village. To get the "Strike! You can shoot him five more times to advance to round 10 with more points. You will reach some sort of destroyed desert village. The Dark Ops challenges are hidden challenges in Multiplayer and Zombies mode.

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As long as each person understands their role in the black ops 2 zombies team, everyone will benefit. However, if greed sets in, many points will be lost out on and the entire team will be in a worse off position in the black ops 2 zombies match. In early rounds of black ops 2 zombies it may be beneficial to let zombies in the windows.

If the zombies are killed before they enter the windows, you cannot pick up drops from them. If you are not already aware, zombies will randomly drop perks when they are killed. A zombie can drop any of these perks:. In early rounds the most desired drops are Double Points and Max ammo. Each of these drops will help the team get more points, faster.

Max ammo is great because it will fill the pistol back up with ammo for free, and you can begin converting these extra bullets into more points immediately. Double points is just great for maximizing points, for obvious reasons. When a double points drop is picked up, you can earn points per a stab kill in Black Ops 2 zombies.

As you can see, when a 2X points is in effect, you can earn over 1, points from killing just 4 zombies with a knife. The insta-kill drop is always a good one to pick up unless you are trying to save a crawler , because it will save you lots of ammo.

When an insta-kill is picked up it is important to start using the knife to kill zombies and save on ammo. This will allow you to save up a ton of points quickly. While letting zombies in the windows in early rounds is a great way to get drops from zombies and to maximize total points, it is important to remember to let zombies in the windows strategically in black ops 2 zombies.

Usually it is best to only let the zombies come in 1 or maybe 2 windows at a time. If every play lets zombies come in the windows, this puts the entire team at risk of death. Usually it is best to keep the windows boarded up in black ops 2 zombies, and allow one team mate to let the zombies in through just one window.

When the zombies are coming in through the windows it is best to communicate with team members and to have a weapon that is capable of killing the zombies. When zombies are coming in the windows it is important to keep an eye on your ammunition levels.

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Stabbing for the kill is one of the best ways to get points fast in Black Ops 2 zombies, but not all stabs are the same.

For instance, you may notice that when you go to stab a zombie that sometimes your character will lung forward and reach into the zombie, while other times the stabbing motion will be a quick, swift action. When going for a stab kill in black ops 2 zombies it is important to control what kind of stab motion your character engages in.

You are definitely going to want to force your character to engage in the quick sideways slashing style black ops 2 zombies stab rather than the lunging forward style stab. In order to make your character stab the quick and effective way in black ops 2 zombies you should follow these steps:. Factoring in dlc and the ever growing number of game sales, they make a lot!

This math isn't perfect because treyarch and Activision have been pretty secretive on the amount of sales and money they make, unfortunately but it's about as close as it gets. Sign In. How much money does Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 make in a day? Update Cancel.

Answer Wiki. Answered Apr 17, Related Questions How do you access Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 theater mode? The more you practise keeping your aim at the head, the better you will become and you will have more chances to become a headshot expert.

Also, make sure that you fire in short bursts rather than holding the fire button as it will ruin your aim. Use the Spray and Pray technique This technique allows you to fire from the hip which will give you a better accuracy when you are caught off guard by an enemy. Spray and Shoot requires four body shots in order to get one kill. If you have just started playing the game, start with a lower set of Kill Streaks like the Spy Plane or the Napalm Strike.

When you are using the Care Package you need to be aware that you will never know what you will be getting. Furthermore, if you drop this package, you might get killed.

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You also get Cryptokeys returned back to you with each Rare Supply Drop opened. Stay clear of these hard to master heroes if you want to increase your MMR. The game is rated M but the description was very odd, it just detailed If you want to escape into a world packed

How to Get More Kills On Call of Duty Black Ops:

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